Mark D Jay ~ The Rocking Horse Restorer

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About Me

Mark left school in 1986 at the grand old age of 16 and started working with a Fine Art Restorer in Suffolk.  Mark worked on many pieces during his time there, from Fine antique furniture, fine picture frames to antique rocking horses.  In 1995 Mark decided it was time to go self employed and the rest as they say is history. 

The extensive knowledge Mark has built up over 25 plus years of working on fine antiques means his attention to detail is second to none.  Over the years Mark has gained a wealth of knowledge in order to conserve and restore antique rocking horses in the traditional manner. 

The techniques Mark uses have not changed for many centuries, he still uses a traditional gesso recipe, hand dappling, real horse hair and glass eyes.  Based in rural West Suffolk the workshop is always a hive of industry along with the showroom, clients are most welcome to visit and view the large selection of antique rocking horses, just either telephone or email to make a convenient appointment.