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'Dotty' Large Polychrome J Collinson & Sons Rocking Horse



Floor to top of head a large 51"

Wonderful vintage rocking horse.

Dotty has been re-painted in Polycrome colours, these horse were originally painted this way for the Transatlantic Liners leaving from the Liverpool ports, they were then put into the onboard nurseries for the children of the passengers to enjoy.

The rocking horse maker, J. Collinson of Liverpool, enjoys the distinction of the longest uninterrupted period of rocking horse making in British history. It is believed that this family firm began making rocking horses in Liverpool in 1836 and continued until its ultimate demise in the early 1990s. Queen Victoria's visit to the works in 1851 is widely credited with helping to popularise the dapple grey. Collinson only made dapple greys and their distinctive style is usually easily recognisable.

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